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  • The beauty of green color shades.

    The green color is all around us, and it's a good idea to develop the expertise in mixing its different shades. Mixing green colors into harmonious shades can be a real challenge for the painter. Green is one of the most pleasing colors on the color wheel, but too much green in a painting is considered 'bad taste' and could be annoying. Using a limited palette has many benefits. Fewer colors mean you mix most of the colors yourself: two blues and two yellows, so all the greens on the painting look related and are harmonious. The variation of green in the cool and warm shades creates a color harmony that is pleasant to the viewer's eyes. Take a look at the painting demo video, just for inspiration! #watercolorpainting #watercolorflowers #paintingart #paintingvideo #sreamofdreamsdesign_blog

  • Where to begin a pet portrait?

    When you think about painting an animal portrait, ask yourself: What holds your attention to an animal's appearance? Cats are like a human who has their personality. You may have heard that cats and dogs and their owners look alike. One of the behavioral traits of a cat is its eyes which make the attention to the viewer - will the cat look softly at the viewer, with intensity, or not look at all. A good cat's pose is crucial for painting too. #watercolorpainting #catpainting #paintingdemo #streamofdreamsdesign_blog

  • Which paper quality is best for loose watercolor painting?

    The watercolor painting highly depends on the paper quality. Compared to cheaper paper, the quality cold-press paper absorbs and holds multiple paint layers and can stand up to heavier brushing and paint removal without tearing or pilling. This paper is more suitable for a loose painting style, not detailed artwork. There are two grades of watercolor paper: artists' quality and students' quality. The artists' quality, known as archival paper, is acid-free. Likewise, the paper must be acid-free because the acidic paper will turn yellow and break down quickly. If you want to save your painting for decades, you need to use acid-free paper. The cheaper paper does not mean it's not a good paper to practice. If you're a beginner or just practicing, the students' quality paper is for you.

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  • Watercolor Custom Painting Commission | StreamofDreamsDesign

    Custom watercolor flower painting #streamofdreamsdesign Custom postcard illustration #streamofdreamsdesign Custom watercolor flower painting #streamofdreamsdesign 1/7 CUSTOM PAINTING Let's create a watercolor artwork of your dream: Flowers, landscapes, portraits, characters, and illustrations. You can order a custom watercolor painting piece of art inspired by any photo you choose. ​ If you choose to order a custom painting, please, provide me with an idea of the artwork you would like created by uploading reference photos down-bellow. So I can understand how it aligns with my painting techniques and whether I implement your vision. ​ The duration of the creating process depends on the complexity of the order. Please, let me know if you have a specific date you need your painting finished. I will reach back out to you with availability details, as well as discuss the artistic aspects of the requested artwork. FORMATS & PRICES 01/ Vertical & Horizontal ( inches ) 5 x 7 | 8 x 10 | 9 x 12 | 11 x 14 | 16 x 20 | 18 x 24 $ 50-75 | $ 100 -150 | $ 150-200 | $ 200-300 | $ 400 -600 | $ 600 -1000 02/ Square ( inches ) 8 x 8 | 10 x 10 | 12 x 12 | 16 x 16 | 20 x 20 $ 70 -100 | $ 150-200 | $ 200-300 | $ 350 -450 | $ 450 -850 Pre-Order Please, read the Terms & Conditions before filling out the form. First Name Last Name Email Commission type/subject ( flowers, still-life, portrait, animals, etc.) The required techniques ( original painting, digital, print ) Size specifications ( paper size, vertical, horizontal) Deadlines: ( flexible, days, weeks, etc.) Additional requests (digital prints, framing, etc.) Message Upload File Upload Sample Image Upload supported file (Max 15MB) I accept Terms & Conditions View Shop Policy Submit a Form Thanks for submitting!

  • Watercolor Art | Stream of Dreams Design

    © WATERCOLOR DESIGN PNG Illustrations CUSTOM PAINTING Commission WATERCOLOR PAINTING Art Videos IMAGE COLLECTIONS FOR SALE Watercolor Camellia Flower Illustrations - Design Kit $5.00 Price Watercolor Flowers Giclée Art Print $25.00 Price Watercolor Clipart Illustrations Pink Camellia $5.00 Price

  • New Fine Art Video Channel Stream of Dreams Design

    Watercolor Painting - Fine Art Videos Subscribe Sign in Subscribe Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Now Playing Painting a Portrait of Sleeping Baby - Watercolor on canvas. $ 09:56 Now Playing Painting a still-life with flowers and a pear $ 19:33 Now Playing An outline sketch with watercolor pencils $ 03:59 Now Playing Watercolor painting process of cloudy sunset $ 15:31

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