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  • The beauty of green color shades.

    The green color is all around us, and it's a good idea to develop the expertise in mixing its different shades. Mixing green colors into harmonious shades can be a real challenge for the painter. Green is one of the most pleasing colors on the color wheel, but too much green in a painting is considered 'bad taste' and could be annoying. Using a limited palette has many benefits. Fewer colors mean you mix most of the colors yourself: two blues and two yellows, so all the greens on the painting look related and are harmonious. The variation of green in the cool and warm shades creates a color harmony that is pleasant to the viewer's eyes. Take a look at the painting demo video, just for inspiration! #watercolorpainting #watercolorflowers #paintingart #paintingvideo #sreamofdreamsdesign_blog

  • Where to begin a pet portrait?

    When you think about painting an animal portrait, ask yourself: What holds your attention to an animal's appearance? Cats are like a human who has their personality. You may have heard that cats and dogs and their owners look alike. One of the behavioral traits of a cat is its eyes which make the attention to the viewer - will the cat look softly at the viewer, with intensity, or not look at all. A good cat's pose is crucial for painting too. #watercolorpainting #catpainting #paintingdemo #streamofdreamsdesign_blog

  • Which paper quality is best for loose watercolor painting?

    The watercolor painting highly depends on the paper quality. Compared to cheaper paper, the quality cold-press paper absorbs and holds multiple paint layers and can stand up to heavier brushing and paint removal without tearing or pilling. This paper is more suitable for a loose painting style, not detailed artwork. There are two grades of watercolor paper: artists' quality and students' quality. The artists' quality, known as archival paper, is acid-free. Likewise, the paper must be acid-free because the acidic paper will turn yellow and break down quickly. If you want to save your painting for decades, you need to use acid-free paper. The cheaper paper does not mean it's not a good paper to practice. If you're a beginner or just practicing, the students' quality paper is for you.

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  • Watercolor Art | Stream of Dreams Design

    Home © SHOP Vintage Charm Botanical Clipart Illustrations View Details Watercolor Wildflowers Giclée Art Print View Details Twigs & Berries - Clipart Illustrations View Details Commission CUSTOM PAINTING WATERCOLOR DESIGN Decorative Illustrations WATERCOLOR PAINTING Videos

  • Watercolor Painting Techniques Video Channel | Stream of Dreams Design

    Watch Preview $ Subscribe Watch Preview $ Rent $2 Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Share Channel Info Subscribe $ Sign in

  • Custom Watercolor Painting Commission | StreamofDreamsDesign

    Custom Painting Let's bring your dream artwork to life! From flowers and landscapes to portraits and illustrations - I can create it all. To get started, just share your vision for the artwork down below and upload your example photo. This will help me understand yo ur style and ensure that I can match it with my painting technique. Depending on the complexity of your order, the creation process may take some time. If you have a specific date in mind, let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate it. I'll be in touch and we can discuss the artistic aspects of your request together. Let's bring your vision to life! CUSTOM PAINTING Custom watercolor flower painting #streamofdreamsdesign Custom postcard illustration #streamofdreamsdesign Custom watercolor flower painting #streamofdreamsdesign 1/7 FORMATS & PRICES 01/ Vertical & Horizontal ( inches ) 5 x 7 | 8 x 10 | 9 x 12 | 11 x 14 | 16 x 20 | 18 x 24 $ 40 | $ 60-80 | $ 90-150 | $ 100-200 | $ 300-400 | $ 500-650 02/ Square ( inches ) 8 x 8 | 10 x 10 | 12 x 12 | 16 x 16 | 20 x 20 $ 60 | $ 100-150 | $ 100-150 | $ 300 -350 | $ 500 -650 Please, read the Terms & Conditions before filling out the form. filling form First Name Last Name Email Commission type/subject ( flowers, still-life, portrait, animals, etc.) The required techniques ( original painting, digital, print ) Size specifications ( paper size, vertical, horizontal) Deadlines: ( flexible, days, weeks, etc.) Additional requests (digital prints, framing, etc.) Message Upload File Upload Sample Image Upload supported file (Max 15MB) I accept Terms & Conditions View Shop Policy Submit a Form Thanks for submitting! Pre-Order buy now custom painting

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