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Art-Designer and creator Stream of Dreams Design

Thank you for coming in!

Hey there! I'm Olia, an artist and graphic designer passionate about creating beautiful things. Welcome to my creative space! I specialize in Watercolor paintings, Illustrations, Art prints, and decorative Watercolor Illustrations that are perfect for printing or digital end-product design. If you want to see my creative process in action, check out my time-lapse painting videos on YouTube or subscribe to my Fine Art Video channel on my website. Thanks for stopping by and supporting my work. 

A little about me...

Living in a foreign country has been an amazing opportunity for me to pursue my passions. After years of not picking up a paintbrush, I was finally able to revisit my love for art and design. That's how Stream of Dreams Design came to life - a place where I could unleash my creativity without any restraints. My mom, who's also an artist, has always been my inspiration. Watching her create beautiful pieces of artwork motivated me to follow in her footsteps.

My education in Art

I've spent a total of 10 years studying various aspects of the arts, including 3 years at Art School, 4 years in the faculty of Painting at the College of Academic Fine Arts, and 3 years in the faculty of Graphic Design. I've also gained some experience working in advertising and the polygraphic industry as a graphic designer.


Feel free to ask me anything!

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