Art-Designer and creator Stream of Dreams Design


Hello! I am Olia, an art designer, and creator of the Stream of Dreams Design online shop. The decorative Illustrations in a digital format for diverse design ideas. Beautiful images for printing or digital projects made just for you. Pick your favorites and pursue your dreams.

A little about me...

The experience of living in a different country has given me the chance to realize my dreams - go back to painting after a long break and find my pathway as an artist and designer at the same time. So the Stream of Dreams Design came along - a special place for my creativity. The person who inspired me to become an artist was my mom - a painter herself. Seeing her paintings and watching the creative process, I decided what I would like to be :)

How I create my illustrations? 

I paint with watercolor, scan the finished work in high-resolution, and then process images in photoshop to create printing illustrations.

My education in Art:

• Art School - two years,

• College of Academic Fine Art - a faculty of painting - four years,

• The faculty of Graphic Design - four years, 

I have worked in the advertising and polygraphic industry as a graphic designer. 

Welcome to my YouTube channel, where you can see some of my artwork in the painting process. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask :)