Watercolor Lily Flowers

Watercolor can be complicated in practice, but you enjoy it when you get to master it.

When I was starting to learn how to paint, one of my first media was watercolor. I have always felt that watercolor is closer to my soul. But for some reason, watercolor is not taken seriously in Academic Art: it's just regarded as the basics. I painted with oils for most of my time in Art college. I have decided to return to watercolor after many years of break from my painting. It has not been easy: the fear of failure is still chasing me. But I am trying to work on it.

You can see how to paint Lilies with watercolors without a preliminary drawing, right away with the brush strokes in this video. I use a limited color pallet by mixing colors up to several hues. Paints: Daniel Smiths (artist set). The primary colors: Ultramarine Blue, Neutral Tint (black), Pyrrol Red, Deep Scarlet, Yellow Deep, Viridian. Enjoy your painting journey!

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