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Exploring the Beauty of a Watercolor Still-life with a Glass Vase.

I agree that painting a glass object in watercolor can be complicated due to too many reflections, isn't it? But for me, it's the most exciting part of the painting process. The flow of paintbrush strokes creates the form and texture of the glass vase—isn't that magical? As you can see in the video, I am painting right away with the brush, allowing me to feel free rather than coloring within the lines. However, the feeling of freedom goes hand in hand with uncertainty. I am always unsure about the painting's result, but I push myself not to fear making mistakes. I am sure that the sense of fear is the biggest enemy of the creative process. Don't think about the imperfections in your painting; follow your creative flow—trust it! The practice of painting is only a pathway that opens up our creative skills.


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